Mahogany Shavette Light

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Our one of a kind, handmade shavettes have been taking old school barbers by storm! Each razor is individually crafted and the scales are hand carved. The grain in the wood is always changing but extreme care is given to the selection and grain orientation to ensure a uniquely beautiful piece. What we love most about these shavettes are the small teeth on the heel of the shank, giving your thumb a nice grip! This particular style is "light" because of the thin profile lightweight shank. This razor uses a regular size safety razor blade, halved. you can buy these already cut in half or you can cut a regular side blade. always use care when handling and using blades. We do not take responsibility for injury from handling and use of our products. This is not a toy. With no blade installed it can be  effectively and safely used as a prop in videos and for demonstrations in a classroom setting. We do supply a blade with your initial purchase but more blades will need to be ordered or purchased from your local barber shop/ store. I recommend getting a variety pack to try out several top brands to find the blade that works best for you because each one performs differently for every person. here is a good starter pack for $18.95:

Blades already cut in half, 

1000ct! Derby Extra $31.49 :

Sharp 100ct $5.29:

Shark 100ct $4.98:

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If there is a blade you like and want it linked here send me an email !