Complete Shaving kits- Safety razor, shave brush and shave stand.

Every shave set is individually hand crafted with highest attention to detail to be cherished as family heirlooms. CBW is a family and veteran owned business striving to bring you fine hand crafted grooming supplies, gift sets and furnishings.

 We strive to bring the art and craftsmanship back to the art of shaving. Our brushes are made with superior synthetic fibers that are softer, denser and build a better lather that traditional badger brushes and are made to last a lifetime.

 Our razors provide a close, smooth shave with a medium aggressiveness. Accepting any standard double edge safety razor blade, our razors are of a solid, sturdy three piece design.

 Every piece of our shave sets is individually carved and finished with durable resin to protect the wood from the environment of wet-shaving. Care is easy, simply rinse off the soap wipe off the water and hang on your shave stand to dry.