Replacement double edge razorblades

A lot of people reach out to me asking where to find replacement blades for this old style razor so I thought I would do a post here to share where to find them. 

Feel free to share your experience with different blades and what your favorites are in the comments below! 

Local Options:
Visit your local barber shop! Most barbers carry wet shaving supply basics like blades and follow up products.  
  Drug stores( Rite aid, Walgreens,etc) all carry blades for these razors. look in the shaving isle but not where the modern blades are. They are usually off to the side usually near the aftershaves and styptic pencils. Typically these locations have their own generic brand of blades that will get the job done. Not my go to though. 

  I prefer to order blades off amazon. There are many brands to choose from but I will post a few favorites here with a link to where you can get them. This is also where I get the blades I give everyone at the booth when they buy a razor. 

Simply click on the image to be taken to the brands amazon store or use the quick links below. Half blades for shavettes are posted at the bottom. 

Quick links to popular full size blades:

Personna $10.95:
Feather $21.75:
Derby Extra $9.34:
Sharp $12.88:
Voskhod $9.99:
Wilkinson Sword $22.98:
Shark: $6.99:
Variety Pack:

Blades already cut in half, 
1000ct! Derby Extra $31.49 :
Sharp 100ct $5.29:
Shark 100ct $4.98:

Personna Razor Blades Made In USA
. Personna was the first company making blades in USA. Established in 1875 they introduced the double edge design and patented the first safety razor. They are still producing the same great product today and many people swear by them. They're cheap too! Sharp blades that provide a smooth shaving 
experience. Comes in eco friendly packaging too. 

Perma sharp blades

Perma sharp blades are my personal favorite. They are super sharp and last a very long time while providing a really smooth shave. I would compare them to Wilkinsons sword and feather but at half the price.  Made in turkey. 

Derby extra razor blades

Derby Extra are my second favorite. Not everyone loves these blades, but they are super cheap and do a great job! They are a little more forgiving and flexible. Great blade to start out with.

Feather blades

Feather blades are well known and are supposed to be insanely sharp. There is a lot of hype around them. personally they are a little to rough on my skin type and a little on the expensive side. But many people swear by them! so give it a try if you want. Made in Japan

Wilkinsons sword blades

These blades are great! Much like the feather blades. Made in Germany. high quality and sharp but smooth not as rough on my skin like the feather blades. 

voskkhod blades

 These blades are comparable to derby extra blades, slightly more aggressive but the teflon coating on them make for a really smooth shave. A lot of people swear by them. and the price is decent!

Shark razor blades

Shark blades are really popular, perform really well and are the cheapest on this list! made in Egypt. Sharp, smooth and last a long time. 

 safety razor blade variety pack
Another great option is to pick up a variety pack of blades. There are many different varieties from various sellers out there so shop around for a variety of blades you think you want to try. It is a great way to test out many brands at once to find the blade that works best for your skin type. Some of these variety packs have good brands and some with brands you've never heard of. Shop around for packs with top end brands.


Derby half blades

Sharp half blades

Shark Half blades



Why don't you see Gillette and astra? Because they're owned by Procter & Gamble, Who are anti- Masculinity and put all men in bad light. While capitalizing off their grooming needs. don't buy from them.  Its hard though to find a variety pack that doesn't include them. 

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