Leather Strop Knife Strop + Razor Strop - Keep your Blades Sharp. Riveted Brass Anchor Hooks. Blue Linen Stropping Belt For Cleaning. Great Knife Sharpening Strop, Shaving Strop, Straight Razor Strop

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Brand: Naked Armor

Color: Brown


  • ✅ BEST SHAVE STARTS WITH LEATHER STROP - The art of wet shaving starts with a good razor and your new strop sharpener. This leather sharpening strop will help you keep your blade sharp and strong for years to come. Also doubles as a kitchen knife strop.
  • ✅ THEY WILL LOVE YOUR SEXY FACE - Imagine an irresistible face, that will be your face after you shave after using your newly razor strop. For a close shave at home and on the road, Naked Armor cowhide leather strop will keep your blade sharp. "A great straight edge razor strop for men." ~ John, TX
  • ✅ STOPPING & SHAVE IT - Never again endure the painful yank-and-drag agony of a dull shaver, just strop it and watch your razor's edge jump back to life. Naked Armor leather honing strop belt is a wonderful camapign to your razor kit. Certified barber strop.
  • ✅ DURABLE, LONG LASTING STYLISH CONSTRUCTION - You can feel the difference in this razor strop sharpener, the solid brass perfectly sewn designed for durable connectivity, best in class for for a small leather strop. Maximum strength and ease of use. This quality cowhide strop will last for thousands of shaves.
  • ✅ YOUR LIFETIME & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are sure you will love this Naked Armor razor strop and our warranty is simple and straightforward. If you don't like our shave strop for any reason we will offer you a full refund. Naked Armor shave products have kept thousands of men (and their women) happy with awesome looking faces made for touching and looking great.

Publisher: Naked Armor

Details: Stropping 101

Never move the blade toward the cutting edge as it will cut into the strop, resulting in dulling of the edge and damage to the strop.

A few strokes are usually sufficient. A strop is best used before you even think your edge is dull.

Used consistently, it is a key step in maintaining a razor-sharp edge.

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