Gaslamp Vegan Shave Soap

$ 20.00

In honor of Downtown, San Diego, we want to offer a shave soap that signifies the historic Gaslamp life style, so we created a scent that is seductive and fun! Made with a fresh citrus top note with a lemon lime character and a French lavender accord to open the fragrance. These notes lead to a woody amber complex in the body of the fragrance with a strong agar wood character.

When getting ready for a long night of fine entertainment, we suggest you give this one a go.

Our shave soaps produce a rich, long lasting lather when used with a lather brush. We use ingredients that are 100% vegan - cruelty free! The slickest shave soap around, our soaps make a thick creamy lather and provide perfect cushion and glide. 

Frequently paired with the matching 'Gaslamp Shea Butter Moisturizer' and 'Gaslamp Aftershave'

  ingredients:  Saponified oils:Steric acid, distilled water, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, Shea butter, glycerin, bentonite clay fragrance oil