Vlog 3 - Minnesota state fair. September 14 2018, 0 Comments

In this vlog I am at the Minnesota state fair and discuss what it is like to work a booth at the fair alone. After the Minnesota state fair i will be heading to " The Big E" In Springfield MA. I will be there from Sep 14th - Sep 30th.

If you know of an artisan to include in the Peddling Wood series please leave a comment below or send me an email with their information!

I will be traveling through these states:
California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona,

What I use to make my videos:
Camera: Gopro hero 6.

GoPro Pro Mic Adapter:
52MM Neutral Density Filter Set:
Aluminum housing :

Rode Video Micro:
Ipad pro:
Adobe premier pro:

Lapel Microphone:
Sony Voice Recorder:
DJI Spark Drone:

My daily tools: 

Nova 1624 lathe:
Nova chuck:
pens plus jaws:

Jet drill press:
Round carbide turning tool:

Mini carbide turning set:

Ridgid Table Saw:
Flexcut carving knives:
Hut Crystal coat:
Stickfast CA glue:
Stickfast activator:

In the van: 
Goal Zero Yeti 400:
Renogy Solar Panel:
Drop-In Bar or Utility Sink:
Water Can (5-Gallon):

Foot Operated Pump:
WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin:
West Systems 207:
West systems calibrated pumps:

First Vlog! July 26 2018, 0 Comments

Hey guys! I decided to start a video blog on youtube. I will be posting a new vlog every other week along with a monthly shop project video. If you would like to see me make something please feel free to leave suggestions in the comment section and I will do my best to make a video for it. As mentioned in the first vlog I will also be releasing a video series called " Peddling Wood- Artisan Wood Workers Across The U.S.A." I just started filming the series and will be filming for the next three months as I travel across the country on our second annual tour. I will be posting a video soon diving deeper into that project.

Hope you enjoy the first vlog! and please keep in mind I am not a professional videographer or movie editor. I literally picked up some equipment and downloaded the software and I am learning as I go. I hope to improve at making these videos as much as possible. Any tips are welcome!

Thank you,

-William H. Waters