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This year has been hard for the entire world. I don't need to explain that to any of you. Along with the craziness. When I returned home from the fair tours and filming the peddling wood series, I came home to the surprise of a broken marriage. As of August 2019 My wife and I have gone our separate ways. I don't need to get into the details. I am happy to say that I have been Quarantined with my son all of 2020 during this pandemic! Things have not been easy though. The fairs/ markets were already in a downward spiral. So many business owners I know were struggling leading into 2020 and already so uncertain about what was to come. I tried to make it work and keep things going but I just have to much to deal with now. Home schooling Liam, 6 chickens and a Great Pyrenees...now with a mortgage I cant afford.(and never truly could)
( I'm not going to get into the negatives of divorce here).

My father John R. Waters Jr. who has done so much artwork for the labels and such on my products had his 3rd and final battle with cancer this summer. He passed on July 29th,2020. In June I was caring for him at his home in Calistoga, CA. I returned to San Diego in July for liams 6th birthday and I was planning to take Liam back north to see his grandpa. It was dads last wish, he just wanted to see his grandson who he hasn't seen in 3 years. On July 28th I got the call that he was back in the hospital. So frantically we loaded up the van and Liam, Zeus and I started our journey. We arrived 10 hours later and while holding dads hand in bed I told him "Dad, Liam finally made it, he is here." he gently squeezed my hand with his pinky and soon after he passed

.The waters boys. l-r William Henry Waters, Liam Nashringa Waters, John Roger Waters Jr.
(The three of us posing for a Christmas picture in 2017.. The last time Liam saw his grandpa.)

  It was several weeks of packing and moving his things and dealing with the usual that one has to deal with during this time. All with the added stress of lock-down and public health crisis, but we made it.

After receiving dads ashes the 4 of us ( Liam, Zeus, Dad and I) hit the road for an adventure that we were always supposed to go on. An adventure up-and-down California. Every river and lake, mountains to coast North to south. After spending summer living with his dog in a van, in the Forrest of northern California and crossing the deserts of death valley. My son has returned to San Diego a different kid with an entirely different view of the world around him and a pocket full of skills every boy should have.

So here I am now. Its almost time for 2020 presidential elections.. and the holidays..( and the holiday season?) and I'm turning off the store for now. Sorry guys but I gotta go. The house is going on the market and I am moving all of my stuff into storage at my moms. We are hitting the road for good with a new mission and purpose to be announced soon. 

 For now I'll leave you with this.. The remaining CBW team members , Liam, Zeus a flock of chickens and myself in a van pulling a vintage horse trailer with our shop in it..

-William H. Waters

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