Buckeye Burl Shave Sets! August 31 2014, 0 Comments

New addition coming to the store!

I have been looking for this wood for a long time now and I finally found it! Buckeye burl has so much awesome figure and different colors it almost seems like it isn't even wood. Many people have asked me if it is marble when they see it.

I have been making live edge wood and resin infusion pieces for a while now but they have only been available for custom order. I am now developing the process and design shave sets made in this fashion to be available for everyone to purchase right from the store! Although the design of each set is similar the grain, texture, color and shape of the wood and the resin flowing through is ever changing making every set one of a kind.

I will be offering many colors of resin to choose from and the hardware will be available in chrome, gold or gunmetal.

Stay tuned to see them in the store!